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    Anti-aging Masterbatch LZ-PE

    The lz-pe anti-aging master granule produced by beihua is made of highly efficient light stabilization system, coupled with thermal oxygen aging stabilizer and carrier, which is optimized and compounded to significantly improve the anti-aging property of plastic products and extend the outdoor service life of the products.

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    Anti-aging UV Masterbatch LZ-PE Features

    With the choice of efficient optical stability system, Anti-aging masterbatch  LZ-PE with anti-UV performance is processing with the dosing of the thermo-oxidative aging stabilizer and the carrier. It can obviously improve the aging resistance of the plastic products and drastically eliminate the degradation of the polyelefin plastics caused by the thermal oxidation in the process of molding and by the UV-irradiation in the process of using, to prolong the outdoor service life of the plastic products

    Anti-aging UV Masterbatch LZ-PE  Application

    Anti-aging masterbatch LZ-PE is widely applied in plastic blown line, cast line, injection line and extrusion line. It is mainly used in plastic products, such as flim, PE cane, siageand film, geomembrane, agricultural greenhouse film, PE or PP (sheets, woven bags, non-woven fabric) and so on.





    Melt Index (g/10min) 


    Specific gravity


    Moisture content

    <0. 5%

    Surface resistance


    Usage of anti-aging masterbatch of beihua: 

    2# is suitable for production of EPE foam.

    Mixing with 2 ~ 4% lz-pe aging resistant masterbatch and premixed with 98 ~ 96% other polyolefin raw materials. According to the needs of the user and the thickness of the product, the appropriate increase or decrease add quantity.

    Recommend usage : 2 - 4 %

    Packaging and storage of aging resistant masterbatch of beihua:

    25 kg/bag. Keep the place dry with good ventilation. Out of direct sunlight, high temperature, rain pour and no under heavy loads.

    Warranty: 1year

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