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    Conductive anti-static material factory-the difference between conductive plastic and anti-static plastic

    Date:2020-06-08   Views:14
    1. Different property

    1. Anti-static electroplastic property : When the same material or other similar materials rub against each other or  separate, it has the material with the smallest amount of generated charge.

    2. Properties of conductive plastics: Functional polymer materials in which resin and conductive substances are mixed and processed by plastic processing methods.

    2. Different application fields

    1. Anti-static plastic application fields: semiconductor equipment and microelectronic equipment, electronic and electrical, medical and food, precision instruments and biotechnology.

    2. Application fields of conductive plastics: mainly used in electronics, integrated circuit packaging, electromagnetic wave shielding and other fields.

    Three, different characteristics

    1. Features of anti-static plastic:

    (1) The surface resistance is from 10^6 to 10^8 Ω, and has good antistatic performance.

    (2) Excellent surface hardness and resistance to chemical solvents.

    (3) The antistatic function is not easily affected by humidity and temperature.

    (4) Beautiful appearance, flat and smooth, high light transmittance.

    (5) High mechanical strength and good processing performance.

    2. Characteristics of conductive plastics: volume resistivity and surface resistivity are also sufficient to describe their electrical properties. The electrical properties of the carbon wire network depend on the preparation method and also change with mechanical bending and contact force.

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